Our Services

  • Party and Event Planning
  • Catering & Bartending
  • Wine Cellar Selection
  • Special Orders and Beverage Finding Service
  • Do-It Yourself Wine Tastings

Party and Event Planning

Having a graduation party, or perhaps an anniversary or other major event? We can help you take the guesswork out of purchasing beverages for your event, so you can concentrate on the invitations, food etc. Whether your event is for ten people or two hundred we can help make this a stress-free event for you. We provide free expert advice on selecting the appropriate beverages for any event, based on the occasion, duration, time of day, what food you are serving, who is attending etc. We will even take back any unused unopened wine, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages in salable condition. Just call us at (978) 562-6650, send an email to info@baconspirits.com or just come in to see us.  It could hardly be simpler than that!

Catering & Bartending

We at Bacon’s want to make sure your next event is your best yet! So great, that you won’t even need to pour or make your guests or yourself a drink. Just imagine being able to be the life of your own party and having the opportunity to actually enjoy your guests? We’ll with our services you’ll be able to do just that.  Whether it’s a birthday party, corporate function, wedding, graduation party, or even just a holiday bash, we are at your service. We’ll do everything from setting up to cleaning up and everywhere in between.  For more information or to book contact us at (978) 562-6650/send an email to info@baconspirits.com.

Wine Cellar Selection

Perhaps you are relatively new to the world of wine or maybe you enjoy wine with dinner a couple or more times a week, but now you would like to put some away to mature for a few years? Whether you are looking to fill an eight bottle wine refrigerator you received as a gift, have a relatively cool area in your basment you would like to use for wine storage, or you are contemplating building a wine cellar, we are here to help! We can advise on everything from what to store to where and how to store and everywhere in between. We’ll even give you a personal free consultation right here in the store, assessing your tastes, needs, budget and other factors and can make recommendations on wines we have in inventory or wines we can order for you subject to availability. We can even keep a personal record on file for you (if you wish) and help you to restock or add to your collection as you desire and advise on maturity of wines and when best to enjoy them. Call us at (978)562-6650 to arrange a consultation, or email us at wine@baconspirits.com

Special Orders and Beverage Finding Service

We specialize in sourcing difficult to find wines, spirits and beers. Perhaps you enjoyed a wonderful new wine at a restaurant, event or dinner party? Maybe you had a beer on tap during a ski trip? Looking to find that wonderful vodka a bar in Boston or New York used to make the best Martini you’ve ever tasted? We’re here to help you find it, whether you would like a bottle or a case (case only orders for beer please). Remember if it is available in Massachusetts we can more than likely order it for you. Call or email us with as much of the following information as possible:
1) Full name of wine/beer/spirit/liqueur
2) Where did you enjoy it or read about it?
3) What country or state is it from?
4) If you saw the actual bottle and it was imported was there an importers name on the label or back label?
5) Any further information that might help us?

Call us at (978) 562-6650  or email us at info@baconspirits.com

Do-It Yourself Wine Tastings

We at Bacon’s hold periodic wine tastings for our customers, but we understand too that occasionally our customers may want to get together with a small group of friends to hold their own. We can help make this an affordable, educational and enjoyable event for all. Our wine consultant Michael can assist you in selecting a lineup of wines for your tasting, whether you choose a random selection or have your own theme. Additionally (and at no extra charge) Michael can prepare a brief description of each wine featured, along with the tasting order, price etc. Some possible theme tasting might be (or you may choose your own):

“Old World v New World”
“Chardonnays From Around The World”
“Wine Values Under $10”
“The Wines Of Spain”

Call Michael at (978) 562-6650 or email him at michael@baconspirits.com